BRANEGATE by James C. Glass

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Cover art by Keith Boulger

The Immortals created a passage from one universe to another and founded peaceful colonies there, but now the homeworld is ruled by a corrupt Council that will send an army to put the colonies under harsh rule. On the colony world of Gan, Trae is raised in secret by a religious sect hiding from a crazed emperor. The reincarnated son of an immortal prophet, Trae is guided by a mentor mysteriously connected to his father, is raised to lead a revolution against the Emperor and, reunited with his true family, moves to meet the threat of the conquering horde streaming in from another universe.

"James Glass is one of those rare authors who can blend hard science with otherworldly imagination into a gripping story."

                             —M.J. Engh, author of Arslan

"There are a handful of writers who do outstanding military science fiction—David Drake, William Dietz, David Weber. To those add one more: James Glass."

                             —Steve Perry, author of The Omega Cage

"James Glass writes well, thinks well, and demonstrates a strong and nuanced sense of humanity, human affairs, ethnicity, and ethics."

                            —John Dalmas, author of The Regiment

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