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Authors include Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Michael Bishop, J.A. Pitts, Richard Bowes, Mark Teppo, Laura Anne Gilman, Daryl Gregory, Jay Lake, Ken Scholes, Jack Skillingstead, Louise Marley, Paul Melko, William F. Nolan, Patrick O'Leary, Ray Vukcevich, Devon Monk, Tom Piccirilli, James Van Pelt, Ken Rand, Alexei Panshin, James C. Glass, Mary Rosenblum, Bruce Taylor, and more! 



Titles from 4th Qtr of 2013:

  MICHAEL BISHOP, Ancient of Days, September 2013 (NOW AVAILABLE!)

 RICHARD BOWES, If Angels Fight, October 2013 (NOW AVAILABLE!)

MARK TEPPO, The Hollow Prince (ebook) October, 2013 (NOW AVAILABLE!)

J.A. PITTS, Bravado's House of Blues, November 2013   (NOW AVAILABLE!)

 MARK TEPPO, The King in Scarlet (ebook) December, 2013 (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Forthcoming Titles for 2014:

MARK TEPPO, The Court of Lies, June 2014   (FORTHCOMING)

JACK SKILLINGSTEAD, Are You There & Other Stories, June 2014   (FORTHCOMING)

MICHAEL BISHOP, Who Made Stevie Crye?, August 2014 (FORTHCOMING)

MICHAEL BISHOP, Count Geiger's Blues, November 2013 (FORTHCOMING)


Header image from Are You There cover by JOHN PICACIO

Other Recent Titles

Bryan Thomas Schmidt (ed), Beyond the Sun; Louise Marley, The Terrorists of Irustan; Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Permeable Borders; James C. Glass, Branegate; Derryl Murphy, Over the Darkened Landscape; Daryl Gregory, Unpossible; Michael Bishop, Brittle Innings; James Van Pelt, Flying in the Heart of the Lafayette Escadrille;


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