MATRIX DREAMS by James C. Glass

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James C. Glass has been writing science fiction, fantasy and dark fantasy tales for over a dozen years, haunting us with ghosts, aliens, and things far worse. These breathtaking and disturbing stories have now been gathered in his first collection. Also featuring new, unpublished work, Matrix Dreams offers something to every reader of speculative fiction. Peek inside and dare to discover the dreams of this talented, award-winning author.

"Award-winning author James C. Glass presents Matrix Dreams & Other Stories, a science fiction and fantasy anthology filled with ghosts, aliens, hidden terrors, and disturbing cruelties of hunan and non-human nature alike. Time travel, human conflict, disturbing dreams and much more lace the pages of unforgettable stories such as "War Machine," "The Trial of Heinrich Volger," "Honeymoon Hotel," and much more. The brevity of such tales make them perfect for a quick nighttime read before bed...assuming the reader is not overly susceptible to nightmares." 

—Midwest Book Review

"The stories tug your emotions on several levels. Though short, they beg you to read them. The title story, "Matrix Dreams," deals with futuristic psychotherapy using virtual therapy labs and human "constructs." The tale opens with Gordon working on his latest case involving Megan and her enormous guilt about her husband's death. I was glued to the last sentence to see how the story would resolve itself in such a short amount of pages. Each piece is well-written, some better than others, but I recommend this short story collection to all fans of dark fiction and speculative fiction."   

—Spicy Green Iquana

"James Glass is a writer of both the heart and the mind, a gifted story teller who will leave you wishing he would write faster, so you could read more of his work."  

—Catherine Asaro

"As good a collection of stories as any I’ve seen in a long time. Your money’s worth, and then some." 

—Steve Perry

"An impressive range of tools, from hard science to romantic fantasy to raw horror."  

—M.J. Engh

"Matrix Dreams is filled with tales of imagination and wonder, all written with the skill and insight of a true master."  

—Jerry Oltion

"The fiction of James Glass is both absorbing and creative."  

—Barb & J.C. Hendee

"Tender and unnerving...Line up for this dream machine!"  

—Kay Kenyon

"James Glass is a master wordsmith."  

—Ken Rand

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