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UNPOSSIBLE by Daryl Gregory

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July 2013           978-1-933846-30-9 

Cover art by Antonello Silverini

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Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2011

The short stories in this first collection by critically acclaimed writer Daryl Gregory run the gamut from science fiction to contemporary fantasy, with a few stories that defy easy classification. His characters may be neuroscientists, superhero sidekicks, middle-aged heroes of children’s stories, or fantatics spreading a virus-borne religion, but they are all convincingly human.

"Unpossible is Gregory’s first collection. The stories are all quite short, with no time wasted on lumpy exposition or treacly morals, but each one carries all the grim weight and peculiar beauty of his novels, simmered down to a deceptively sweet syrup that goes down easy and then twists in your guts. They poke at complex, difficult notions, not so much trying to answer questions as trying to figure out how to begin asking them... These are not comfortable stories, which is a good part of what makes them worth reading."

    —Publisher’s Weekly 

"Daryl Gregory has emerged as one of the most consistently interesting and yet least predicatable writers of the last decade . . . A writer of startling depth and sensitivity, whose understanding of the delicate machinations of the heart trumps his need for superheroes, or even for neurology." 

     —Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

"Daryl Gregory has found ways to explore the human mind and spirit—for good, bad, or any of the strange places between such absolutes—that seem very much his own in his first collection." 

     —Faren Miller, Locus

"Gregory’s short fiction displays certain central obsessions—a keen understanding of cognitive sciences; an interest in families and questions of relationships and maturity; and an obsession with popular culture." 

     —Chris Roberson, author of Book of Secrets

"Facts do not begin to describe Daryl. Not describe him, not contain him, not constrain him. Both in person and in his fiction Daryl breaks the paltry bonds of fact. They cannot hold him. . . Read these stories for their human truths, for their inventiveness, for their verve. Most of all, read them for your own pleasure." 

     —Nancy Kress, author of Sea Change

"Brilliant...This is a collection for anyone who can think and feel. From the beginning to the end, Unpossible and Other Stories grabbed me by the brain until my heart cried out in compassion. It's a must-read book." 

     —James Van Pelt, author of Summer of the Apocalypse

"A treasure box of a collection. Daryl Gregory writes the way King Croesus probably dreamed: It’s all gold." 

     —Jack Skillingstead, author of Are You There

"No matter what our origin may be, we try to push ourselves forward. Unpossible and Other Stories is a collection of short fiction from Daryl Gregory, who presents many stories that touch on many genres of the imagination with characters to match, with a uniting element of humanity. Unpossible and Other Stories is a fascinating collection that includes two never before published stories from Gregory; very much recommended reading." 

     —The Midwest Book Review

"Daryl Gregory is an exceptional storyteller. I enjoyed every story in Unpossible and Other Stories. The title story left me with warm fuzzies long afterward. All of the stories in this collection had a speculative element, though in some it was slight. However, his characters, voice and storytelling made it a non-issue for me. His clever turns of phrase also left me smiling...The other thing that really struck me about these stories is that they were not the usual, soon-forgotten fare that we have seen too much of. Gregory's stories have truly unique situations, and he isn't predictable...I highly recommend this collection to anyone who craves something different from the tired tropes and wants to be pleasantly surprised." 

     —Ann Wilkes, Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys

"This collection runs the gamut from SF to fantasy to surreal, so let's put it here. I confess that I have been lax in reading short fiction these past few years and hadn't realized that Gregory had written so many, particularly so many good ones. I've read two of his novels, both supernatural, and liked them both, so I probably shouldn't have been surprised. There are several very good stories in this book, the best of which are probably 'Second Person, Present Tense' and 'The Continuing Adventures of Rocket Boy.' Gregory is unpredictable and each story stands on its own, often in contrast to the ones preceding and following. They embrace a variety of themes - how the mind works, a nostalgic look at one particular past, superheroes, new drugs, etc. Gregory has not been prolific at this length, but he has been consistently excellent." 

     —Don D'Ammassa, Critical Mass


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