PERMEABLE BORDERS by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

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Art by Elena Vizerskaya

Nina Kiriki Hoffman has published over 200 stories. Her stories have gained many honors, including the Writers of the Future award, Locus Award, and the Nebula Award. This current collection collects 16 of her more recent stories, as well as earlier work not previously collected. It also includes a previously unpublished story.  

"Over the past 30 years, Hoffman has received more than 30 nominations for a wide variety of awards; her wins include a Stoker for The Thread That Binds the Bones and a Nebula for “Trophy Wives.” This collection of 16 fantastical stories, drawn from the latter half of her career to date and including one story not previously collected, highlights the talent that makes her a perennial nominee. Of particular note are “The Weight of Wishes,” which both recalls and rises above Jerome Bixby’s horror classic “It’s a Good Life”; “Switched,” a quiet examination of identity; and four Matilda “Matty” Black stories, whose protagonist struggles with issues of friendship and power. Hoffman’s skills shine at short lengths, and this collection of perfect, gemlike stories would complement any library."

                 —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"With more than 200 short stories to her credit, the award-winning Hoffman has proven her mettle in a field marked by imagination, style and vision. This terrific collection of her recent fiction will show you why."

                 —Kirkus Reviews

"Nina Kiriki Hoffman [stands] out because she has consistently been one of my favorite writers in the shorter form. Her stories cannot be pigeonholed and she sometimes straddles genres because there are elements of creepiness every once in a while, but also a sense of wonder about the universe that I usually only find in SF. This new volume contains sixteen of her stories, several of which I had never encountered before - including one original, which is a plus in itself. "Strikes of the Heart." "Home for Christmas." and "Key Signatures" are marginally the best, but the entire book is a treat.             
                  —Don D'Ammassa, Critical Mass
"What we wish for out of life is challenged on the matter if we truly want it.'Permeable Borders'is a collection of short fiction from Nina Kiriki Hoffman, as she invites people to reconsider what they know about life. Permeable Borders tells stories of everyday people as they face mundane challenges, and not-so-mundane challenges, as they seek their hearts' desire--whether it's grand aspiration, or simply the yearning to go home. Permeable Borders is a fine addition to modern short fiction collections. Highly recommended."
               —The Midwest Book Review

"In these stories by Nina Kiriki Hoffman you'll find new ways of  thinking, new ways of being, and new ways of looking at just about  everything. You'll read about the business of witchcraft, a surprising stepmother, other words for reptiles, the way the dead lose their manners, and much more. Permeable Borders clearly demonstrates that you sometimes have to go pretty far out to finally get home."  

                —Ray Vukcevich, author of Boarding Instructions and Meet Me in the Moon Room

"Nina Kiriki Hoffman's Permeable Borders is a novel buried like a palimpsest beneath the wondrous tapestry of a collection of short stories. These pieces are like best of Ray Bradbury, reflections of the magic of an almost vanished Americana. Urban and rural, sweet and chilling, sharp as knives and soft as whispers, Hoffman's prose wraps the reader in a larger arc of seeking and redemption while providing thought-provoking entertainment every step of the way."  

                  —Jay Lake, author of Rocket Science and Mainspring

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