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The curtain’s rustling on the stage in Bravado’s House of Blues. Behind it, fourteen tales from award-winning author J.A. Pitts wait for their time to shine beneath the lights. Here, you’ll find Roman legions battling druids, G.I.s facing down zombies in Vietnam, buskers in love finding magic in their music, and blacksmiths discovering destiny in re-forged blades of old. And mixed in, you’ll find zeppelins doing survey work on colony worlds, Fortean love, post-apocalyptic fairytales along with the robots, AI and true love that lurk deep in our future. And as a fitting encore, fans of Pitts’ Sarah Beauhall books will be pleased to find three stories connected to his award-winning urban fantasy series—two of them published here for the first time. It’s showtime at Bravado’s House of Blues!

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"The 14 short works of science fiction and fantasy show that Pitts is comfortable with a wide range of settings; as ordinary as the soundstage of “Black Blade Blues” (linked to Pitts’s Sarah Beauhall books) and exotic as the alien world of “Towfish Blues,” as fantastic as the fairy kingdom of “Mushroom Clouds and Fairy Rings” and as familiar as the university campus of “Three Chords and the Truth.”  ... Pitts often turns to art and romance, those most human of activities, to anchor the stories."

      —Publishers Weekly

"John Pitts is a fresh voice out of the Kentucky hills, tempered by a long, slow steeping in rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. His stories are fresh, original, and profoundly thoughtful, told through the lens of that distinctive voice and and essential sense of the goodness of humanity."

      —Jay Lake

"Get ready to feel and think things you never quite felt or thought before. And get ready for a voice that plays to a wide audience in its fluid strength and stories that sing the human spirit in all its beauty, fear and sadness. It’s showtime at Bravado’s House of Blues and you, my lucky friend, have a first row seat."

      —Ken Scholes

"J.A. Pitts writes an impossible combination of lean, muscular and lyric prose. These are pitch perfect stories, both beautiful and tough."

      —James Van Pelt

"John Pitts brings a fresh voice to speculative short fiction, spinning magical stories about buskers, broken swords, and baby girls swapped at birth. Bravado’s House of Blues also includes some special treats for those who love his urban fantasy series, including the seed story that started it all, "Black Blade Blues."

      —Brenda Cooper

"Magical musicians, haunted poets and luck-deficient funeral directors are just a few of the people struggling to make their way in a host of vividly-imagined worlds, some as near as present-day Seattle, others as remote as Ancient Gaul. Take the full Bravado tour with J.A. Pitts. His writing is as smooth as good whiskey, and these stories pack that same delightful wallop."

      A.M. Dellamonica


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