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2017 HUGO AWARD Finalist for Best Related Work

2017 LOCUS AWARD Finalist Best Non-Fiction


In addition to exploring Silverberg’s career, now in its sixth decade, this collection of transcribed conversations delves into aspects of Silverberg’s life—such as his extensive travel, passion for film, opera and classical music—not covered elsewhere.

A decade-and-a-half-long friendship, and working together on When the Blue Shift Comes, afforded Alvaro the opportunity to speak at length with Silverberg. The result: a remarkably candid series of conversations that will be of interest to science fiction readers and anyone curious about the writing life. 

“These conversations range far and wide, and every one of them is fascinating. If you have any interest at all in writing, the history of the genre, Silverberg's own life, the classics of literature, the greats of our field both living an dead, there's something for you here. I only wish the book was twice as long. . . it ended far too soon." 

             —George R.R. Martin, author of A Game of Thrones

“Silverberg is as brilliant as you expect him to be, and Alvaro Zinos-Amaro knows how to bring that brilliance out of him. An excellent and important book.”

            —Mike Resnick,  author of Santiago

"Robert Silverberg is always interesting to talk to, as he is a brilliant writer and a well-read and well-traveled man, as well as a long-time participant, observer, and historian of the science fiction community.  Within that community he tends to be a fairly cool and deflective character, who talks about many other things before himself.  That habit means this book is distinctly more than a sequence of ordinary conversations with him, because the well-prepared and congenial Zinos-Amaro has taken the time, and Silverberg has given the time, to talk at some length, and coherently, about many of his central interests, including his own life.  It makes for a typically indirect but ultimately fascinating portrait of the artist, and a very nice supplement to his wonderful novels and stories." Kim Stanley Robinson

             —Kim Stanley Robinson, author of Aurora

"Reading Alvaro Zinos-Amaro's  interviews with Robert Silverberg is a  lot like parasailing: an exhilarating rush through atmosphere higher and richer than one usually inhabits, with sweeping views of everything below.  Zinos-Amaro is a skilled interviewer and Silverberg a brilliant polymath looking back at a long life well spent.  Writing, reading, travel, art, opera, archeology, food—he talks wittily and interestingly about them all.  I learned something on every page."

             —Nancy Kress, author of Yesterday's Kin

"Traveler Of Worlds is a fascinating and erudite conversation that invites the reader to become a mesmerized fly on the wall. This is your best chance to peer into the life and mind of the legendary Robert Silverberg—take it."  

            —Jack Skillingstead, author of Life on the Preservation

"Interviews with authors are sometimes fascinating, sometimes boring, but a series of conversations with Robert Silverberg is a safe bet. The interviews cover his own work, writing in general, his political views, his career and relationships with other writers. As you might expect, parts are fascinating, other parts informative, and a few didn’t pique my interest. The selection of questions is excellent, however, and this is on balance one of the better collections of interviews I’ve read."           

            —Don D'Ammassa, Critical Mass

"Silverberg and Zinos-Amaro talk about travels, food, literature and art in general, making the book really appealing not only to SF fans but to any person interesting in artistic creation. . .  Traveler of Worlds is an extremely interesting book and has made me admire Robert Silveberg a big deal and, even more important, has made want to read many more books, not only his own, but those by writers he cites as influences (Henry Kuttner, for instance). I highly recommend these conversations with Robert Silverberg, either if you are a hard-core fan of his work or if, as it is my case, you still have much of his novels to discover."    

             —Sense of Wonder

"The real joy of this book is discovering that Robert Silverberg is as fascinating as his novels... If you write or plan to write, this explanation of rare skills is virtually guidance from a SF guru...This book-length interview is recommended for all serious SF readers, academics, writing students, beginning authors and those of us who have been reading and enjoying Robert Silverberg’s books for most of our lives."

             —Galaxy's Edge Magazine

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