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Cover art and interior illustrations by Alan M. Clark


Oregon artist Alan M. Clark knows what it's like to be  a freelance illustrator, having created story art for many projects. But he has also had his own artwork interpreted by story writers in two previous volumes of the Imagination Fully Dilated series. Now, Fairwood Press and the ebook version) bring you the third installment of this important anthology series with Imagination Fully Dilated: Science Fiction. This anthology, the first from Fairwood Press, celebrates the science fiction artwork of Alan M. Clark. Sixteen authors chose from a variety of artwork and wrote wonderful SF stories to "literate" Clark's artistic visions. These sixteen tales will captivate you, and Clark's artwork will come alive in the able hands of established authors as well as new rising stars of the genre.

Contributors include: Melissa Scott, Patrick O'Leary, Ray Vukcevich, James Van Pelt, Jerry Oltion, Leslie What, Robert Onopa, Tom Piccirilli, Syne Mitchell, Nancy Jane Moore, Robert E. Furey, Therese Pieczynski & A. Alicia Doty, Arinn Dembo, Elisabeth DeVos, Steve Beai and David Levine.

"Authors take artworks by illustrator Alan M. Clark as their jumping-off points and land in stories as adventurous as the early pulp publications, minus the dated social assumptions that sometimes mar rereadings of the field's classics...Focussing on short-story writers and including emerging authors, editors Robert Kruger and Patrick Swenson have put together a mind-expanding, horizon-broadening tour of the ever-vital heart of science fiction."   The Seattle Times

"Imagination Fully Dilated: Science Fiction is an anthology of stories written around the art by Alan Clark. The stories are all nominally SF (as opposed to Fantasy), but the range of syles is quite wide. I particularly liked Elisabeth DeVos's humorous look at a Phoenix deciding it doesn't want anything to do with this burning to death thing — among others, the right-to-life folks and the environmentalists get pretty upset! Also, the fine new writer David Levine offers "Legacy," a story of sacrifice on a scientific mission to a supernova. Add fine work from Ray Vukcevich, Nancy Jane Moore, and an impressive list of established and new writers —  this is a solid original anthology."   Locus

"Everyone will find something they enjoy, as the writing style and story settings are very diverse. This anthology caught my eye as being unique in execution and almost every story was a delight. I recommend science fiction fans to order a copy before they are sold out."   Spicy Green Iguana

"The most unique series of anthologies being published today."   —Allen Steele

"Some of the best new writers in science fiction join a handful of veterans in getting their groove on. If you want to be in at the beginning of some stellar careers, this anthology is the place to start."   Lucius Shephard

"When you read Imagination Fully Dilated, you feel as if you’re creeping up to the attic and stumbling across a long-lost treasure chest you’ve never opened before. Inside are pictures (cleverly drawn by the talented Alan M. Clark) of alien worlds, Seattle’s Pike Place Market — even an interstellar brothel! And with each snapshot are the best stories penned by today’s up-and-coming writers. Sit back, read, and enjoy. You’ve found a true collection of literary riches!"   Eric Nylund

"Startling and original. Step through the artwork into the minds of this highly talented crew. Strap in tight!"   Kay Kenyon

"Look at the pictures that inspired these stories; distorted images of recognizable themes with secrets hidden beneath their familiarity. That’s a good description of these stories as well: familiar themes, beloved environments (a whorehouse with aliens, the surface of Mars) with something new contained within their text for your enjoyment.... But everything’s good. You’ll want to read it all. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it!"   Susan Matthews

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