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June 2019           978-1-933846-81-1 

Cover design by Jennifer Tough

Death upsets the quiet equilibrium and rustic charm of a small town on the Washington State peninsula when a well-intentioned blacksmith performs an unexpected civic duty for the town. While the blacksmith’s actions remove a pernicious evil that had taken up residence along the nearby canal, the death of the predator allows a more ancient evil to slip into the waters of the canal. The townsfolk find themselves drawn into a vortex of dark uncertainty and shadow-stricken morality as investigators uncover secrets long thought buried . . . 
The Hauntings of Hood Canal is a ghostly tale of the dark side of the quintessential American small town, and it is written by an author the Tulsa World says “has patented a hard-edged folksy narrative that conceals within its intricate voice the imminence of the supernatural.”

Included in this edition are two additional stories that further illustrate the mystery and marvel of Jack Cady’s rural narrative voice.

“A fine, fabulous fable packed with marvelous events and wonders.”

     —Gahan Wilson

“A consummate yarn, told with many digressions and anecdotes that combine with folksy humor to create a tall tale suffused with pathos and melancholy.”
     —The Seattle Times

“Without a doubt Cady’s funniest, weirdest, most original, and—literally—spookiest novel yet.”
     —Peter S. Beagle

“A pungent mix of Tom Robbins, Ray Bradbury, and Charles G. Finney—but pure Cady, and it’s glorious.” 
     Greg Bear

“Jack Cady’s knack for golden sentences is an alchemy any other writer has to admire." 
     Ivan Doig 

“Jack Cady is above all, a writer of great, unmistakable integrity and profound feeling. He never fakes it or coasts, and behind every one of his sentences is an emotional freight that bends it both outward, toward the reader, and inward, back to the source.”
     —Peter Straub

“A writer whose words reverberate with human insight.”
     —Publishers Weekly

“His structural control and the laconic richness of his style establish Cady in the front ranks of contemporary writers.”
     —Library Journal

“When Cady settles into yarn-spinning, his stories have the humor and comfortable mastery of Faulkner or Steinbeck.”
     —National Review

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