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DREAMS OF THE DESERT WIND by Kurt R.A. Giambastiani

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September 2004           978-0-974657-33-2

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In Jerusalem, city of peace and strife, three people struggle to protect their lives, their loves, and their future. David Fineblum, son of an American senator and student of ancient languages, hears a young woman speak an ancient tongue scholars thought dead for a thousand years. Following her—and her secret—takes him deep into the world of danger and brings him face to face with the politics of the Judean Desert.  Rivka Danilovitch, a lieutenant in the Israeli military, is caught between her love for David and her duty to her country. Her superiors are not concerned for David's safety, but she is. Ghazayil, a woman of the Sulubba Bedouin, holds the secret that draws David deep into the wilds of Judea, but it is not the secret he thinks it is. What she finally reveals threatens to shake not only his world, but the world at large. Kurt Giambastiani, author of the acclaimed Fallen Cloud Saga, now turns his talents to the secretive and volatile Middle East, creating a tale of love, intrigue, and possibility.

"The author of the Fallen Cloud saga has done his homework on the Middle East as well as he did on the Cheyenne, the saga's people, and has created a compact, lyrical fantasy....The characterization, lyrical prose, and pacing are nearly flawless, and readers close the book hoping that it is only the first in a new series."  


"Dreams of the Desert Wind is billed as a modern fantasy of the Middle East on the front cover. Giambastiani has cleverly used the contemporary Middle East as a setting and blended in a fantasy, or supernatural, element. So yes I think that a modern fantasy is an accurate description, and it shows is that the fantasy genre isn't just about orcs, elves and goblins but can also provide a more realistic backdrop...He shows us the difference between Jewish, Arab and western culture. The renowned Arab temper, apparent Israeli arrogance and the usual western superiority complex all comes across on the pages and as a reader I was astounded of how vivid it all felt. Again he has managed through his own experience and research to create cultures that grab you. In this particular book it is all based around modern society and you can feel their difference and how the conflict in the Middle East is what it is. It might sound arrogant but I felt that reading the book might have given me a broader understanding of the troubles that the region face through the author's descriptions of the characters, rather than a broad political overview. This author is rapidly climbing in my estimation, I recommend him very highly indeed. It might be the way he writes. For example in the way he describes Jerusalem in the morning hours I could almost feel the smell of bagels on the morning breeze, the sandy grit blowing in the wind in the caravan square and the smell and braying of the camels. Superb. And the ending was a revelation, I found it very well thought out and it all sort of came together not leaving loose ends lying about. Fairwood Press should strike gold with the publishing of this book and I am certain that it will do the author's rising star no harm whatsoever. Giambastiani switches from the mid-west to the Middle East but the result is still the same, a book of true class. Not just one for the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre but for literature enthusiasts everywhere, a sensational book to be enjoyed across the genre gaps. Sensational!"  

     —The Alien Online

"Giambastiani takes you to a Middle East beyond the headlines — a place of mystery and fantasy, where the ancient past collides with the 21st century to create a remarkable future. An amazing tale that blurs the lines between mystery, fantasy and science fiction to create a work of remarkable imagination." 

     —Robert A. Metzger

"Dreams of the Desert Wind is a mystery as dark and complex as the eastern land that inspired it. This intriguing tale richly details old and new Jerusalem, the Bedouins of history, and the politics of the future." 

     —Louise Marley, author of The Singers of Nevya

"Dreams of the Desert Wind gifts us with a modern Middle East that is gritty as a sand storm, real as tomorrow’s news, and marvelous as a genie’s vision. Detailed and surprisingly beautiful." 

     —James Van Pelt, author of Summer of the Apocalypse

"Giambastiani combines convincing characters and a vivid and intriguing backdrop and steeps it in the unstable politics of Israel to create a story that is simply outstanding."  

     —A.M. Dellamonica

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