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WELCOME TO HELL by Tom Piccirilli

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"...if anybody tells you that all you need is a lucky break, then tell them to shove off. Luck is about the worst thing that can happen in this biz, and it’s no substitute for knowledge, experience, and skill."     —Tom Piccirilli, from Welcome to Hell


"Welcome to Hell is an anecdotal look into Piccirilli’s life and writing process that happens to serve as a wonderful tool for any fledgling writer.  Oddly, since he’s so acclaimed, this may be the Piccirilli book that should break out into the mainstream.  In a mere forty to fifty pages (depending on whether you count the signature page and the helpful addresses), Piccirilli lays out, in an ultra-accessible almost stream-of-consciousness style, answers to all the silly questions that newbie writers like to ask."  —Spiderwords

"The energy and directness of Piccirilli's fiction abounds in Welcome to Hell; where at least a hundred-and-one-percent of a young writer's questions and despairs are addressed. If you are just starting out as a writer, listen to this man. You can trust what he tells you."   —Jack Cady

"Piccirilli tells, in a concise and oftern amusing fashion, what he has learned in over a decade of writing fine short stories and novels in the fields of horror, mystery and fantasy. Welcome to Hell should be read by anyone serious about embarking on a career writing fiction."   —Richard Laymon

"Tom Piccirilli doesn't mess around with academic folderol that makes unusable pronouncements about writing fiction. He gets right to the marrow with the directness of a heart to heart conversation. No nonsense. Here's what works. This is a must for the neophyte's bookshelf."  —James Van Pelt

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