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MINGUS FINGERS (signed/lettered edition) by David Sandner & Jacob Weisman

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When jazz legend Charles Mingus comes to town, playing his double bass at the Nighthawk Club, one struggling musician sees what no one else can: Mingus playing “in the soul,” transforming into a giraffe. Mingus calls it the underground: the place he goes when the music is everything and he doesn't have to think at all.

Now Mingus sees something special in a younger musician, Kenny. Will Kenny have the same ability? Will he find the way to the underground?

"In Mingus Fingers, David Sandner and Jacob Weisman have given us a quietly intricate and intelligent merger of boxing, jazz music, the seductive lure of the artistic impulse, and the ultimate meaning of it all. I read it with pleasure and admiration. Highly recommended."       

     —Rick Wilber, author of Alien Morning      

"A stroll through jazz, boxing, the creative fire, and the prices of all three. Subtle, profound, and moving."

     —Kij Johnson, author of The River Bank

"Odd magic and arresting imagery [that] captures the feel of jazz."

     —Publishers Weekly

"I totally grooved to Mingus Fingers, [an] evocation of a vanished stellar era, San Francisco’s bebop heyday of the early nineteen fifties. The team behind this charming, low-key but powerful tale—David Sandner & Jacob Weisman—blend their voices beautifully into an organic whole that reminds me of the tonality of John Kessel or Karen Joy Fowler . . . The characterization here is superb, with all the players leaping off the page with subtle grace. The evocation of the period is spot-on, subtle and not overdone. The parallel worlds of boxing and jazz extend fine tendrils of correlation into each other. The doings of the actors are multivalent and authentic. And the unreductionist climax rings true. All in all, a wonderful accomplishment."


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