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Now Available in 2019

JACK CADY, Singleton 

JACK CADY, The Jonah Watch

JACK CADY, The Off Season


Forthcoming in 2019

JACK CADY, The Hauntings of Hood Canal (June 2019)

JACK CADY, The Man Who Could Make Things Vanish  (June 2019)

TOM PICCIRILLI, Welcome to Hell (new edition) (July 2019)

JACK CADY, Phantoms: Collected Writings, Vol. 1 (July 2019)

MICHAEL BISHOP, The City and the Cygnets (August 2019)

HOWARD HENDRIX, The Girls With Kaleidoscope Eyes (August 2019)

JACK CADY, Fathoms: Collected Writings, Vol. 2 (August 2019)

JACK CADY, Street (October 2019)

SUSAN PALWICK, All Worlds Are Real: Fictions  (November 2019)

EDD VICK, Truer Love and Other Lies (November 2019)

JESSICA REISMAN, The Arcana of Maps and Other Stories (November 2019)

KEN SCHOLES, If Dragon's Mass Eve Be Cold and Clear (November 2019)

DAVID SANDNER & JACOB WEISMAN, Mingus Fingers (November 2019)


Published in 2018

MICHAEL BISHOP, The Sacerdotal Owl and Three Other Long Tales 

F. BRETT COX, The End of All Our Exploring: Stories 

KEN RANDThe 10% Solution 

CARRIE VAUGHNParanormal Bromance 


Header image from The Jonah Watch