A Writers Retreat at Lake Quinault, WA
Retreat 2020 SESSION ONE: Feb 19- Feb 23   
Retreat 2020 SESSION TWO, Feb 26- Mar 1
Retreat 2020 SESSION THREE, March 4- March 8

The Rainforest Writers Village's objective is to create an annual writers' gathering that focuses on:

        1) solitary writing...

        2) in an isolated environment...

        3) supported by a collective of contemporaries of like mind and pursuits.

Individuals involved gather at a location of minimized outside interference or influence, ready to spend an intensive four or five days on their own work, with others involved in the same who were present for support and interactive development of written creative work as art, craft, and science. Balanced against this is a schedule of events aimed at supporting this process, with the number of retreat guests and attendees kept to a limit. 
"The Rain Forest Resort Village" is situated on Lake Quinault in the Pacific Northwest Pennisula. Local populations are small and centers of civilization are approximately 50 miles from the resort; close enough for those who wish to seek them out, and far enough for others not to have to seek escape from them. The resort has no phones in the rooms or cabins, and little to no cell phone service. It is its own little village, with a restaurant, general store, gift shop, lounge, post office, and laundromat on site. [There is now wireless service in certain areas of the resort.]
Participants get writing time free of work and daily social life. They get professional advice from, and interaction with, guests who have had success in the writing business.

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